Location-Based Service and Devices for Real-time GPS Tracking

Manage fuel costs, truck routes, vehicle maintenance and driver’s behaviors

Prevent theft of your assets

Share real-time data with your customers

Diga-Trax offers a complete package of Location-Based Service (LBS) and devices that enables you to track, monitor, and manage the vehicles, assets, or individuals that are most critical to your business. With both “plug-and-play” and fully customizable LBS offerings, Diga-Trax delivers feature-rich capabilities that enhance operational efficiencies and business performance for organizations of all sizes, budgets, and technical LBS experience.

The Software

Vehicle Location Tracking

Track and manage fleet vehicles anywhere at anytime

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Personal and Asset Location Tracking

Track and manage resources including people and other assets

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Fleet Management

Effectively manage fleet vehicles and drivers

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Comprehensive LBS Platform

Configuring your LBS solution to meet your unique business needs

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The Devices

OBDII Vehicle Tracker

Portable Asset/SOS Tracker

Heavy Duty Asset Tracker